Monday, May 30, 2016

A Splash of Color and Foreshadowing

Mystery at Brantley No. 3 Shaft
Mount Bethel Mystery Publishing July 2016

One of my recent element needs was a totem pole for the exterior of my gateway building at Rare Find Park. My weakness for earthy colors and my plan to use  a restricted color palette for this storybuild does at times get too dark. I needed a jewel tone splash. 

But I did not want my build's look to be so different from the researched RL photo I used for my memory reference (I intentionally did not look for the reference photo until after I built the model).  This is a story that uses nonfiction details, but is not based historical fact.   I think I got close enough (authenticity). The totems not only provided the color.  They provide foreshadowing for the story to come.

Since  I did not have a lot of time to spend, I used what I call the Nearly Paint by Number process (stress free painterly fun).  You can find the process here. Joy of Texture Painting  More information about to build 3d illustrations start to finish is forthcoming, but for those builders who already know how to model the forms,  the Blender texture painting tips may be all you need to get started.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2, 2015 Progress for Last Brantley Revision

My head and hands are rarely bobbing up for air these days  My latest and absolutely last revision of the Brantley Lake Shaft No. 3 story is plodding along.  After finally growing to 16 regions without a sound original plan for the story, I decided to pitch most of the build and start the write again. Not only did I not appreciate my own lack of direction, I didn't like the amusement park feel it took on.  Nothing could be farther from the tenor of the story than an amusement park. This time with 95% mesh and careful consideration about what and where to place my story objects.

So much got learned during my stay with the Hypergrid Story crew, and some got learned before and after.  For that matter much continues to be learned mostly about lighting, color, theme and purpose.  Like it always is with any story or storybuild.  It is nearly 1/2 done 4 months later.  In the next 4 months or with great luck less, the remaining layers of the story should be stirred into the soup.

The build is not yet ready for visitors, but in a month or so, it should be ready for previewers or flyovers.  Once the storybuild is open the flying will stop.  The only flying done will be made by mechanical means, but there are several sorts of vehicles to navigate around the entirety.  A few by land and more by air.  Of course those rides will need to be earned.  Earning won't be that difficult either.  Guidebooks and hints will be plentifully found for those "readers," who would rather experience than solve our plot calamities.

Until then here are a few photos of how its going.  The fun part for me is just beginning now that the environment is almost finished.   In these sorts of builds environment is first followed by setting.  At least the setting is ready to commence.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Storybuilding Means Revision Too (Mesh, Cycle Shaders and Windlight Sky & Water Adjustments)

Garden of Diluvian
For my latest revision of the Brantley storybuild (hopefully the final version), I am making sure that I include the "dig" chapter of the story. In past versions I put off building the excavation chapter until I completed the other chapters and never got to it.

Diluvian Glyphs Off Sim

One of my favorite elements is the glyph off sim mounds and the view from the tent where the excavation is planned.

Garden Excavation
Of course it requires solo time to build the mesh elements. Ruby's Blender Mesh Contraption is running every day all day, and she is thoroughly enjoying working with shaders and lighting in Cycles and in world (windlights).

Monday, February 22, 2016

Back to Storybuilding and Age Writing @ Brantley No. 3 Shaft.

Ruby tests space jockey chair she wrote in the story.
The Diego's Water Diversion Piping was left to reassemble..
Since this storybuild will be producing pages for a graphic novel, I've decided to manipulate images for this blog in the same style.  It is now the middle of February and I'm finally back to building the story.  With the new techniques practiced the work is coming together better, but the plan is to go slow and let the story develop.

Eventually the mentor will move into this  Mongolian Temple.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Layers of Storybuilding

Setting in the Desert Large Builds
 Once the terrain is mostly created, the first layer of paths and larger build structures are modeled in Blender and set down.  Of course every building should have a purpose.  There is no need to add too overdo.  With 16 regions to fill it is tempting, but at least 1/2 of the land mass should be left to travel.  To fill it with large buildings is to confuse the issue and plot.  Small buildings can always be set down during the revision.
Peak Mountain Terrain (Mesh)

Story Elements

Laying in Pipe

Pipe Corridors for Characters


Adjusting Windlight Mood (Dark and Mist Covered)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

First Building for Brantley

Ordinary World Entry Way
One of the issues I started to face with building on Brantley is that it started to look like a theme park, instead of the brooding mystery I wanted to story tell.  In this last revision (absolutely the last), I am working very slowly to add building and elements that only depict the story.  Fitting into the story is no longer enough for me.
Blender Modeling with Cycles
Since the story takes place in Southwestern, New Mexico, I wanted the "ordinary world" entry to define the environment.  The adobe house, one of my favorite home designs for it color and simplicity is the just right building for this space.