Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Desert Story

Brantley No. 3 Shaft is the first storybuild, Midtown Arts Museum curator, Ruby O'Degee planned.  While she was busy with the last few days of her employment with The Cavern Today, she heard sounds of machinery in the distance.   Not the sounds an explorer expects 10,000 natives would hear, but new sounds coming from modern equipment.   During the twilight hours, when she went to the desert to get away from her troubles, and her pending decision about whether Cavern Communications Network should break away from its flagship podcast, she saw odd lights flashing in the sky approximately 3x, 3y, 3z. over the desert.  

Ruby couldn't get to the shaft by walking at that time.  When explorers came in by shuttle, they did not open a gate, they were dropped onto the ground from the shuttle.  They could not leave.   Home visits were accomplished only through teleportation.  

Within a few weeks time Ruby did find a hole in the fence, a path to take and story that is still being written.  Her suspicions about new visitors to the cavern, who were a little too interested in the effects of algae on pellet production that was supposed to bring light into the otherwise dark tunnels were real.    Her decision to leave the nearly deserted Cavern Communications hood she so devotedly loved, and her bold move to learn age writing began.  

The art of storytelling, the oral tradition was meant to be passed on, but never told twice -  a riddle that first confounded Ruby, but ultimately led her through her own explorer story from the beginning to end

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