Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cavern Gallery Under the Lake

Storybuild written  by Ruby O'Degee
During the 2nd D'ni Restoration effort (3rd if you include Until Uru's beloved fits and starts restoration), Ruby O'Degee first resigned from the The Cavern Today (TCT) news podcast, a podcast she originally thought to be story fodder only, and then she was fired from the podcast all over again.  She continued to work on Cavern Communications Network (CCN) documentaries, but she lost her office in the city and worked in the CCN hood during the remainder for the 2nd restoration.

Sometimes she found peace to write her Madge and Mr. Tyion scripts in a little known cavern gallery under the reddish orange lake that Ruby grew to love.  Finding a way to get to the gallery eluded Ruby until one day she noticed a door underneath the stairs and walked through.  Likely she was in the applicable state of mind to find the tunnel, because a very few explorers knew a tunnel was there behind the door.

Age/World courtesy of Cyan Worlds Uru Story
For years the cavern gallery was hers alone.  Although it was barren and often dusty, Ruby wrote every day with a lap top, while sitting on her backpack.  She often fell asleep while writing, and she dreamed that one day she would write in a restored gallery on her own.

Unfortunately, that day came, but not as Ruby imagined.  In the years between the spring of 2006 and 2014 much changed.  Matt R. Dutton and Uwigor Longears bored into the tunnel through a passage they forced Ruby to dig at Brantley No. 3 Shaft, an they set up shop.  While Uwigor experimented with algae pellets and blended vast amounts of tea, Dr. Dutton continued to  prove his theories about the unique DNA of the D'ni.  He was interested in whether it could be replicated and mixed with DNA of casual Uru explorers.  With his charm he might convince these newly shape shifted explorers into building dark worlds for him.  Dr. Dutton knew fully well Ruby would only write worlds she imagined until her debts to the International Historical Consortium were paid.  The Down Under Tea Company needed a back up process.

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