Saturday, June 20, 2015

You're Invited to a Party

JULY 4, 2015 Grand Opening
Mount Bethel Mystery Publishing Launch **(Brantley No. 3 Shaft)

**Closed week of  6/20 - 6/28 (Opening Preparations)

Note:  7.4.2015 Come for awhile or come for the entire event.  The only events with official start and end times are the races and the Storybuilding DIY conversation.

9:30 am Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Ruby's first official ribbon cutting ceremony of her virtual lifetime (Fall 2003 - Current).  Collect HUD, storytelling objects, opening gifts, Flying Machine Self-Guided Look Abouts.

10:00 am Canoe/Kayak Race, Please see more information about the race rules and practice schedule - Preview week  6/29 - 7/3.  Although race officially starts at 10 am PST, you may join the race until 10:40 am.  Canoes and kayaks provided.  Times are recorded individually. Grand Prize -  Choice of Exportable kayak or canoe from Ocean Engineering. More Information Coming Soon.

11:00 am Origin Readings (Excepts from Myst Reader, Snow Crash, Gilgamesh, Mysterious Island) The Stories before the builds - How literature influences a storybuild immersively. More Information Coming Soon.

12:00 noon Guided Pack Horse Ride Up Rare Find Mountain, Cabal Cave Portal, Darkside Gallery & Acionna (Brantley No. 3 Shaft Environmental/Classical Storybuild.  More Information Coming Soon.

1:00 pm DIY Storybuilding (Environmental Storybuilding Essentials, a Conversation) Skype Reservations Required.  A time to talk about what everyone learned including Ruby during the day about storybuilding. More Information Coming Soon.

2:00 pm Up on the Roof Party,  Race Awards @ 2:30 - party time with DJ, dancing and self-guided look abouts (boats, flying machines, walk about treks and horses). More Information Coming Soon.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Grand Opening Celebration and Water Race Coming Soon - July 4th Weekend

Rare Find Mountain Park Aerial Views

Part 3 of D'ni Restoration explorer story continues by flying machine.  There is no avatar flying in Lakewater worlds, but flying machines are readily available for explorers and visitors to use.

Rare Find Mountain Pack Horse Trail Views

Part 2 of the D'ni Restoration Explorer Storybuild. No. 3 Shaft

Rare Find Mountain Park Waterways No. 3 Shaft, a D'ni restoration explorer storybuild.