Saturday, June 20, 2015

You're Invited to a Party

JULY 4, 2015 Grand Opening
Mount Bethel Mystery Publishing Launch **(Brantley No. 3 Shaft)

**Closed week of  6/20 - 6/28 (Opening Preparations)

Note:  7.4.2015 Come for awhile or come for the entire event.  The only events with official start and end times are the races and the Storybuilding DIY conversation.

9:30 am Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Ruby's first official ribbon cutting ceremony of her virtual lifetime (Fall 2003 - Current).  Collect HUD, storytelling objects, opening gifts, Flying Machine Self-Guided Look Abouts.

10:00 am Canoe/Kayak Race, Please see more information about the race rules and practice schedule - Preview week  6/29 - 7/3.  Although race officially starts at 10 am PST, you may join the race until 10:40 am.  Canoes and kayaks provided.  Times are recorded individually. Grand Prize -  Choice of Exportable kayak or canoe from Ocean Engineering. More Information Coming Soon.

11:00 am Origin Readings (Excepts from Myst Reader, Snow Crash, Gilgamesh, Mysterious Island) The Stories before the builds - How literature influences a storybuild immersively. More Information Coming Soon.

12:00 noon Guided Pack Horse Ride Up Rare Find Mountain, Cabal Cave Portal, Darkside Gallery & Acionna (Brantley No. 3 Shaft Environmental/Classical Storybuild.  More Information Coming Soon.

1:00 pm DIY Storybuilding (Environmental Storybuilding Essentials, a Conversation) Skype Reservations Required.  A time to talk about what everyone learned including Ruby during the day about storybuilding. More Information Coming Soon.

2:00 pm Up on the Roof Party,  Race Awards @ 2:30 - party time with DJ, dancing and self-guided look abouts (boats, flying machines, walk about treks and horses). More Information Coming Soon.

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