Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Storybuilding Means Revision Too (Mesh, Cycle Shaders and Windlight Sky & Water Adjustments)

Garden of Diluvian
For my latest revision of the Brantley storybuild (hopefully the final version), I am making sure that I include the "dig" chapter of the story. In past versions I put off building the excavation chapter until I completed the other chapters and never got to it.

Diluvian Glyphs Off Sim

One of my favorite elements is the glyph off sim mounds and the view from the tent where the excavation is planned.

Garden Excavation
Of course it requires solo time to build the mesh elements. Ruby's Blender Mesh Contraption is running every day all day, and she is thoroughly enjoying working with shaders and lighting in Cycles and in world (windlights).

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