Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2, 2015 Progress for Last Brantley Revision

My head and hands are rarely bobbing up for air these days  My latest and absolutely last revision of the Brantley Lake Shaft No. 3 story is plodding along.  After finally growing to 16 regions without a sound original plan for the story, I decided to pitch most of the build and start the write again. Not only did I not appreciate my own lack of direction, I didn't like the amusement park feel it took on.  Nothing could be farther from the tenor of the story than an amusement park. This time with 95% mesh and careful consideration about what and where to place my story objects.

So much got learned during my stay with the Hypergrid Story crew, and some got learned before and after.  For that matter much continues to be learned mostly about lighting, color, theme and purpose.  Like it always is with any story or storybuild.  It is nearly 1/2 done 4 months later.  In the next 4 months or with great luck less, the remaining layers of the story should be stirred into the soup.

The build is not yet ready for visitors, but in a month or so, it should be ready for previewers or flyovers.  Once the storybuild is open the flying will stop.  The only flying done will be made by mechanical means, but there are several sorts of vehicles to navigate around the entirety.  A few by land and more by air.  Of course those rides will need to be earned.  Earning won't be that difficult either.  Guidebooks and hints will be plentifully found for those "readers," who would rather experience than solve our plot calamities.

Until then here are a few photos of how its going.  The fun part for me is just beginning now that the environment is almost finished.   In these sorts of builds environment is first followed by setting.  At least the setting is ready to commence.

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